HTPP you said? Fix URLs easily

July 12, 2011


If you have any text field in your app where the users have to input a URL, there’s going to be trouble. Should they type the http prefix? What if they miss the colon, or mistype http? The first case is kind of obvious, and we’ve had this on the WordPress app for a while: […]

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Time profiler: when a small change can bring huge gains

March 1, 2011


Sometimes we get complaints about how slow is our app. Believe me, I’ve seen worse, and we are focused on stability right now. However, I was curious to get a hint of how much could we improved. So I launched Instruments from Run > Run with Performance Tool > Time Profiler, and went for a […]

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Logging into files for iOS

February 25, 2011


Do you sometimes wish users could send you the output of the console with the crash log? NSLog is really helpful for debugging, but there is no way (or I haven’t found it) to get the console output unless you are running a debug build from Xcode. This small class can log to a file […]

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EXC_BAD_ACCESS, a Zombie nightmare

February 25, 2011


Debugging Objective-C on the iPhone is usually OK, but there are some painful moments with those hard to find bugs.

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